Uh-Oh…Pet Accidents

Here in Portland, there are many pet owners.  Most of them will tell you that their pets are part of their families; as mine are.  Also,  I’m sure that if you were to ask most pet owners what they consider to be the worst part about pet ownership; you would likely hear that it is cleaning up their “accidents”.  This post will deal directly with taking care of these accidents (without getting rid of your pet!) between your professional Portland carpet cleaning services.

Every single pet owner will deal with pet accidents at some time during the lifetime of their pets, usually this is a periodic problem.  Sometimes though, there are certain pets who are “accident” prone.  This could be due to a nervous or excitable breed that seems to tinkle uncontrollably due to any emotional stimulation.  Also, many pets have very sensitive stomachs and it seems finding a food that agrees with them is near impossible.  All of the foods or ingredients that upset our pets system can lead to frequent, runny feces (aka diarrhea).  Sometimes we just don’t get them outside (or to the box, paper, mat, or cage ) in time.  Our pets can get viruses just like the rest of us and they are also way more prone to eating things they shouldn’t.  This can result in diarrhea or vomiting.  All of these “accidents” and messes can be difficult to clean up.  Here are a few tips to help when the situation arises.

First, regardless of the cause of the mess, try to remain calm.  Especially for those nervous or excitable pets; you don’t want to cause further messes to clean.  Second, you want to get as much of the mess up as possible.  All solid matter should be removed and disposed of.  Next, use paper towels or an old absorbent rag on the mess.  The idea here is to blot up any liquid, not to rub it in more.  Take the paper towel or rag and fold them over and place right over the liquid part of the “accident”.  Apply firm, even pressure to  soak up as much liquid as possible.  Repeat this step until nothing is being transferred on the rag/towel.  At this point, you will want to use whatever pet odor/stain remover you prefer.  Spray the area until it is saturated.  Don’t worry if you have no commercial cleaner on hand; white vinegar and baking soda can make very effective replacements.  After saturating the area, let the solution sit for about 5 minutes.  Finally, use clean paper towels or rag and repeat the same blotting process from earlier.  Again blotting until your rag or towel comes away dry.

Some pet accidents involving vomit or diarrhea may leave stains.  If you suspect this may happen, an effective and inexpensive tool to use is hydrogen peroxide.  Be sure to test on an inconspicuous place of your carpet to make sure your carpet color won’t fade.  You can use peroxide directly on the stain before you use the vinegar and baking soda or the commercial cleaner of your choice.  Let the peroxide sit a few minutes then use a carpet brush to rub at the stained area.  Proceed to blotting the extra moisture from the peroxide.  Then continue as above.

These steps may seem tedious, but they will help preserve the life of your carpets.  Not to mention, help the relationship you have with your beloved pet!  Taking these steps will keep your carpets fresher and cleaner longer so you can make it to your yearly professional Portland carpet cleaning services.  This will also help stretch your wallet a bit further as well.  So, relax and enjoy your pets.  Just be prepared for the inevitable uh-oh to happen.

Pet House Cleaning Overview

Welcome to the Pet House Cleaning WEBSITE!

We are here to give you tips for keeping your home (and carpets) clean for and from your furry friends. Whether you are going to be doing the cleaning yourself or using a professional cleaning company, our goal is to help you maintain a clean home.

If you and your pets are in an area like Portland, Oregon, like most of us here are, then you not only have to deal with hairy carpets but also from dirt, sand, and the other outdoor elements being dragged in from the great outdoors by fido.

Portland is a beautiful area and we spend as much time outdoors as we can, often taking our pets with us on our adventures. So lets start with one of the most common types of pet messes, dirty carpets!

Here are a couple of ways to avoid having to spend money for a professional carpet cleaner after your dog and you return from that awesome camping trip.

  1. Pack and Plan. This seems obvious but if you are going to be going on a 3 day hiking trip with your dog you should be prepared to encounter the elements. This means packing clothing that is resistant to the elements so you can avoid dragging the camping site back into your home. You should do the same thing for your pet. Is he secured in a weather-proof vest- outfit that will help keep his hair dirt and mud free? The best way to keep your carpets clean back home is to make sure you don’t bring the outside in. So pack appropriately to reduce what you bring back from your trip.
  2. Go on the offense right away. Before you and fido leave for your outdoor excursion you should stash a bag with a dog brush, gallon of water, and a clean towel by the front or back door. Again, this seems obvious but as soon as you get home you should expect to set up a temporary cleaning station outside, like on a deck or front porch, even a garage. Once you return and determine your “cleaning station” you should first make sure that fido is free from dirt clumps, pine needles, sand, and the like. Then you can use the dog brush to sweep out any debris. make sure you use the gallon of water on his paws and then dry with the towel. The goal is to just make him clean enough to not ruin your carpets on the way to the bathtub for a thorough dog bath. Take off your gear and shoes and enter your home without worry of marking up your carpet. Total cleanup of gear, dog and yourself should only take a couple of hours max.

Another important tip: When packing make sure you have plenty of clean water and dry food for your dog. Even if you follow the last couple of tips above, you can have an even worse mess if your pet lapped up some dirty water or has eaten some bad berries. Depending on what puppy ingested and when, you may not find yourself having to call a professional carpet cleaner until there is a large pile of liquid poo-poo soiled into your carpets. (at which point, wipe up as best you can and call the carpet pros) Best to avoid it altogether and just pack clean water and food for your Dog. Follow these steps and your carpets will be safe from your next weekend trip (we suggest Mt. Hood)